Our graduate school

Our graduate school

Structured program

The IMPRS Magdeburg offers young researchers a stimulating atmosphere for research in a highly international environment. We provide a structured framework. This means that apart from researching, writing and successfully defending their thesis, students are required to achieve at least 30 credit points to complete the IMPRS program.

Through an innovative concept of combining cutting-edge mathematical and systems-oriented engineering research driven by challenging questions arising from the analysis, design and optimization of chemical and biochemical processes, the school has been bringing together students from various Engineering areas, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics.

Based on their specific backgrounds, students select their PhD topics. Our structured PhD program provides interdisciplinary support for developing creativitiy, innovative thinking, and developing skills needed for independent and high-level scientific work.

Advantages of the IMPRS program

International students are toroughly guided throughout their first steps when relocating to Magdeburg, and free German classes are available at the institute.

Furthermore, all our students benefit from close supervision and vast scientific, professional and social networks. Our intrinsically interdisciplinary approach yields numerous opportunities for real scientific breakthroughs both in Engineering and in Mathematics.

Close supervision and progress monitoring are offered throughout your PhD time [more]
Several exchange opportunities increase your professional and personal networks [more]
Structure provides robust skills for a successful career either in academia or industry [more]


A wide range of lectures and seminars is offered every semester. As theory is followed by praxis, laboratory facilities are available for experimental training both at the Max Planck Institute and the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg.

The curriculum is complemented by extern talks, seminars and summer schools conducted by worldwide leading experts who come to Magdeburg to discuss the newest scientific trends. Several times throughout the year, our students also have the opportunity to take part in soft skills courses to boost their future careers - like project management, professional presentations and conflict resolution.

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