Credit Points: how to achieve them

Structure provides access to academic and professional experiences

In Germany, in general, students trying to achieve their PhD work independently. But not at the IMPRS! We offer a structured environment in order to give our students the chance to develop scientific, professional and personal skills - always under close supervision and collaboration.

Every student has to achieve 30 credit points (CP) prior to finishing the PhD thesis. In order to do that, you should take part in lectures, soft skills trainings and attend conferences/ workshops. Credit points are given based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

After finishing the IMPRS program and successfully submitting and defending the thesis at an OVGU faculty, students will receive not only the Promotionsurkunde (PhD diploma) from the university, but also an additional certificate from the IMPRS, where all activities throughout your PhD time are clearly stated: lectures attended, courses visited, presentations in local and international conferences and so on.

Please, note:

  • You can receive up to 5 CP for own teaching activities (for instance, by organizing exercises or laboratory courses);
  • Everytime you present a paper or give a talk in a conference, you receive 1 CP;
  • In case you already attended equivalent lectures during your Master or Diploma studies, up to 10 CP can be recognized and accounted for.

It is always a good idea to discuss with your PAC committee which courses to attend and when. Here you can have a look at the CPs needed to complete the program:

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