PhD advisory committees: the closest support during your PhD

Direct supervision and progress monitoring offered throughout your research

Joining the IMPRS gives you the possibility of developing your PhD project within close collaboration with other students and experienced professors. Therefore, you need a PhD Advisory Committee (PAC) who supervises the development of your project.

One member is your direct supervisor - who is responsible for the formation of such committee together with you. The committee meets at least once a year, officially registers the accomplishments of the time and discusses the next steps.

Please, note: you are responsible for organizing PAC meetings and submitting the minutes of the meeting to the IMPRS coordination office.

The main tasks of PACs are:

  • to advice the students in selecting the appropriate courses of the school’s program;
  • to provide scientific guidance and follow the project development;
  • to maximize achievements during the PhD period;
  • to support students in effectively planning their future careers.

In general, the committees consist of at least two members with expertise in different fields. For example, members of the IMPRS with both theoretical and experimental backgrounds. It is recommendable to have a mix of faculty members both from MPI and OVGU in the PAC. Furthermore, experienced postdocs or external members with appropriate background can also be involved in order to enable intensive mentoring of the students. The presence of international advisors in these committees is always desired.

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