Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

The Max Planck Institute Magdeburg has various offers in order to allow the reconciling between work, family, private life and leisure.

It can happen: something unexpectedly pops up, and the children or eldery care does not work. The Max Planck Institute supports all employees with different services & cooperations. more

Healthy Working Environment

A “health day” with focus on healthy habits in the office takes place every two years. Furthermore, courses on postural education and back pain prevention are organized in cooperation with a health insurance company. Massages are also available (self-paid) for students and employees.

Volunteering and Leisure Activities

Our employees have organized themselves in different groups in order to pursue common interests and have fun after their regular shifts.
There is currently a BrauAG, a MPI choir and a sustainability group. Apart from that, the band muMPItz rehearses here and enriches the MPI summer and Christmas celebrations with its performances.
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