Reconciling Work and Family Life

Reconciling Work and Family Life

childcare (ages 0-14), homecare-eldercare, back-up emergency care more

Places at Magdeburger Kindergarten for children from MPI employees

There are cooperations with two Magdeburger Kindergarten.
Is the kindergarten closed? Is there nobody, who can take care of the children at short notice? In such cases, the parents-child-office is a place, where you can bring the kids to have a look at them while you are working. more
We are helping young scientists finance childcare for their children aged between three and twelve months. more

Reimbursement of additional childcare expenses incurred for business travel

The Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation supports talented young female scientists with children, to enable them to have the freedom and mobility that is necessary for a scientific career. more
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