A mother and a young child looking at each other.

Reconciling Work and Family Life

Following the Max Planck Gender Equality Policy the below mentioned measures should improve family-friendliness as well as the reconciliation of family, care and career for all employees. Furthermore we strive to finish talks within the MPI Colloquium Series not later than 4 p.m. so that employees with childcare/care-giving responsibilites are able to attend.
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Childcare (ages 0-14), homecare-eldercare, back-up emergency care (internal WIKI link) more
A photo of two young children standing in front of the door of a kindergarten.
There are cooperations with two kindergartens in Magdeburg. (internal WIKI link) more
A photo of a laptop on a table. Next to the laptop are both office supplies and children's toys.
Is the kindergarten closed? Is there nobody, who can take care of the children at short notice? In such cases, the parents-child-office is a place, where you can bring the kids to have a look at them while you are working. more
In front of the pictures there is a cloth line with different clothespins. The background is fuzzy green.
The Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation supports talented young female PhDs and Postdocs with children, to enable them to have the freedom and mobility that is necessary for a scientific career. more
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