Head of the Group

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Klamt
Dr.-Ing. Steffen Klamt
Phone: +49 391 6110 480
Fax: +49 391 6110 509
Room: S2.10


Susanne Hintsch
Phone:+49 391 6110-477

News / Latest Publications

11.10.2019: New Publication
Zahoor A, Küttner FTK, Blank LM, Ebert BE (2019) Evaluation of pyruvate decarboxylase‐negative Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for the production of succinic acid. Engineering in Life Sciences 19 (10): 711-7120.

09.09.2019: New Publication
Boecker S, Zahoor A, Schramm T, Link H, Klamt S (2019) Broadening the Scope of Enforced ATP Wasting as a Tool for Metabolic Engineering in Escherichia coli. Biotechnology Journal 14(9): 1800438.

09.09.2019: New Publication
Schneider P, Klamt S (2019) Characterizing and ranking computed metabolic engineering strategies. Bioinformatics 35(17): 3063–3072.

19.06.2019: Mourning for Ernst Dieter Gilles
We are deeply mourning the loss of Prof. Dr. Ernst Dieter Gilles, the founding director of our MPI and former head of the Systems Biology department. Link to webpage

05.06.2019: New Publication
Thiele S, Heise S, Hessenkemper W, Bongartz H, Fensky M, Schaper F, Klamt S (2019) Designing Optimal Experiments to Discriminate Interaction Graph Models. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 16: 925-935.

Analysis and Redesign of Biological Networks

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Research Group:
Analysis and Redesign of Biological Networks

Our research lies at the intersection of (micro)biology, infor­ma­tics, mathematics and engineering sciences. We develop and apply methods from systems and computational biology and combine dry-lab and wet-lab investigations to infer, analyze and rationally modify cellular (biomolecular) networks.

One central research direction is methods for modeling and computational design of metabolic networks and their use to engineer microbial cell factories for biotechnological applications. Other important research areas include systems analysis of microbial communities, data-driven inference of signaling and regulatory networks, and the development of a comprehensive MATLAB toolbox for the computer-aided analysis of biological networks (CellNetAnalyzer).

Wet-lab investigations are based on various genetic and experimental tech­niques and are used to verify model predictions but also to study further aspects of metabolic and regulatory processes in E. coli and other microorganisms.

A long-term vision of the ARB group is to help pave the way for routine use of advanced mathematical modeling approaches in (micro)biology, biotechnology, and biomedicine.

A detailed description of our research activities can be found here.

Keywords: Systems biology, Computational biology, Bioinformatics, Metabolic engineering, Systems biotechnology, Metabolic networks, Gene regulatory and signaling networks, Escherichia coli

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