Former Research Groups

Data-Driven System Reduction and Identification
Prof. Dr. Athanasios C. Antoulas
Max Planck Fellow Group at MPI Magdeburg (2017 - 2022)
Dynamical systems are a principal tool in the modeling, prediction, and control of physical phenomena ranging from heat dissipation in complex microelectronic devices, to vibration suppression in large wind turbines, to storm surges before an advancing hurricane. Direct numerical simulation may be the only possibility for accurate prediction or control of such complex phenomena. However, an ever-increasing need for improved accuracy requires inclusion of more detail at the modeling stage, leading inevitably to larger-scale, more complex dynamical systems. Such systems are often linked to spatial discretization of underlying time-dependent systems of coupled partial differential equations, and their simulation can create large demands on computational resources. more
Systems Biology (SBI)
Ernst Dieter Gilles
Mathematical modeling of cellular systems coupled with new technologies from molecular biology is of key importance for issues in medicine and bioprocess engineering. more
Molecular Network Analysis (MNA)

Molecular Network Analysis (MNA)

Wolfgang Marwan
The behavior of a cell in terms of differentiation, growth, and motility is controlled by networks of interacting biomolecules. The group explored new ways to determine the structure of such networks and to understand their function.
Otto Hahn Group Portable Energy Systems (OHG)

Otto Hahn Group Portable Energy Systems (OHG)

Ulrike Krewer
High power, reliable operation and miniaturization are essential challenges for small electrochemical energy systems. Innovative and robust system concepts require a thorough analysis and optimization of the single processes and their integration into the system.
Numerical Linear Algebra for Dynamical Systems
Martin Stoll
The goal of the group was the introduction of novel algorithms and techniques within numerical linear algebra that enable the efficient solution of mathematical equations coming from a variety of challenging applications.
Systems and Control Theory (SCT)

Systems and Control Theory (SCT)

Jörg Raisch
The group was founded in 1998, the research interests were in the core of Systems and Control Theory as well as in several fields of its application. The research activies are now entirely integrated into the TU Berlin Control Systems group. Prof. Jörg Raisch will continue to be affiliated with the MPI as an External Scientific Member. [more]
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