The Max Planck research group (W2 MPG research group) headed by Dr. Martin Stoll was established in August 2013. As of October 2017 I am professor at TU Chemnitz with a new research group.

Our group was established in the summer of 2013 and has previously been part of the CSC group run by Peter Benner.

Research synopsis

The research our group focusses on the development and analysis of algorithms to solve discretizations of partial differential equations. Partial differential equations models are used to model a manifold of real-world phenomena from the flight simulation of an airplane to the transport in an ion channel. In order to simulate  these equations either for running the model or optimization of parameters one needs to discretize them appropriately. The resulting discrete problems are typically very large and cannot be tackled using naive methodologies. Our aim is to develop robust and accurate methods that enable the solution reasonable time.

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