Graphic in the style of a cartoon. In the foreground there are the rough outlines of five people in different colors, standing next to each other with confident poses and wearing business clothes. Three people appear stereotypically female and two stereotypically male. The background consists of many small black and white images. They have the form of square tiles and show drawings of faces with different facial expressions.

Gender Equality at MPI Magdeburg

As  local Gender Equality Officers at MPI we have the task of driving the equality of all genders in our institute and of counteracting discrimination due to gender. We support the Institute Management in developing targets with regard to gender equality, make contributions to the Institute´s Gender Equality Plan and accompany application procedures. We are contact perons in cases of sexualized disrcrimination, harrassment and violence. In this context we are obliged to secrecy.
Furthermore we report on our work on the institute´s staff meetings which take place regulary.

Together with the Institute Management we identified the following main areas for our institute:

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