A photo of a black board with a white symbol representing both the female and male gender. The board is held by a person, of which only the upper part of the body appears in the background.

Gender Awareness and Principles of Equality

Noone is free of unconcious bias and thinking patterns. To overcome genderspecific bias and judgements as well as outdated gender role models we would like to sensitize all employees on all career levels for this topic. For the structural implementation of the principle of gender equality we have organized furthermore meetings with the institute managment on a regular basis and report on our work on the institute meetings for all employees. 
A photo of lots of small wooden cubes. On some of the cubes in the center are letters. They form the word "Equality". The background is striped in rainbow colors.

Use of gender-equitable language

According to the handout of the central Gender Equal Officer of the MPG
*under progress*
A cartoon-like image of a woman standing next to a table with a microphone and a laptop. On the wall in the background is a large white screen.

Events & Online Trainings

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