On the right side in the front of the picture there is a young woman, smiling, with short brown curled hair. The background is fuzzy with a group of young people, standing and sitting in an office.

Recruitment and Advancement of Female Scientists

Following the Max Planck Gender Equality Policy the Max Planck Society offers a couple of measures to counteract unfair underrepresentation of one gender and to promote a gender-equal career development.
Furthermore MPI participates in the “Ladies Night for Women in Engineering Sciences” which takes place every year at Otto von Guericke University. MPI invites further every year pupils to participate in the yearly organized nationwide Girls & Boys Day.
A cartoon-like image of a woman standing in the foreground and pointing to the background with her right index finger. In the background are the heads of many people, connected like a network with many lines.
A network for female scientists in the Max Planck Society more
A photo of two women sitting at a table facing each other and talking.
A mentoring network for women in the natural sciences more
A photo of a laptop on a table. One hand is on the keyboard and a second hand is sticking a note on the screen. Next to the laptop is office equipment on the table.
Career development and promotion of postdoctoral students of the Max Planck Society more
A photo of the head of a statue of Lise Meitner.
An excellence program of the Max Planck Society that recruits and promotes exceptionally qualified female scientists more
A photo of a hand holding a compass. In the background is a blurred landscape with mountains.
A mentoring and coaching program in Saxony-Anhalt that supports women on their career paths more
A photo of several books.
The central service unit for all doctoral students and postdocs at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg more
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