Scholarships for Master studies at the
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg — Currently Suspended

Students with an excellent Bachelor degree, who are interested in our IMPRS ProEng structured PhD program, can apply for a scholarship to pursue their Master studies at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.
Applications for the fall semester 2023 can be submitted from October 10, until November 20, 2022.

Having a Master degree is essential to start a PhD in the IMPRS ProEng. Therefore, we support highly motivated students with an excellent Bachelor degree to pursue their Master studies at the OVGU. We look forward to them joining us afterwards as doctoral researchers.

Who can apply?

Our scholarship program is designed for students who finished or are about to finish a Bachelor program with a curriculum of 8 or 9 semesters in the field of chemical engineering and bioengineering, systems and control theory or mathematics. Often they would directly start a PhD. Since that is not possible at the OVGU we support the necessary Master studies with a scholarship in order that they join us afterwards as doctoral researchers.

However, also students with an outstanding Bachelor degree of a shorter program can apply for this scholarship.

Which Master programs are offered?

The OVGU offers a variety of Master programs.

Among them, 2 programs in English language are closely related to the research fields of the IMPRS ProEng:

Chemical and Energy Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

From the German Master programs, these 8 are related to our research fields:

Chemieingenieurwesen: Molekulare und Strukturelle Produktgestaltung
Elektro-und Informationstechnik
Nachhaltige Energiesysteme
Umwelt-und Energieprozesstechnik
Systemtechnik und Technische Kybernetik

Where is the connection between the Master program and the IMPRS ProEng?

It is intended that you conduct your Master thesis project in one of the research groups of the IMPRS ProEng, e.g. the research group where you would like to pursue your PhD studies afterwards.

Which financial support is offered?

The scholarship comprises 934 Euro per month for a maximum of 18 months. During the Master thesis project in one of the the research groups of the IMPRS ProEng, you can be equipped with a working contract as a scientific assistant (480 - 960 Euro per month, depending on the amount of time you work for the research group). However, the working contract cannot be concluded parallel to the scholarship.

Please be aware, that enrollment in one of the relevant Master programs at OVGU is mandatory in order to receive the scholarship.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Please fill in our online application form for the scholarships. The rest of the process is equivalent to the PhD application. We will have a pre-selection until (tba) and decide whom to invite for the selection colloquium. The virtual selection colloquium takes place on (tba) via Big Blue Button. The final decision will be taken shortly afterward.

Receiving the scholarship, am I automatically accepted for the PhD program of the IMPRS ProEng?

No, there is no automatism. Before finishing your Master studies, you need to apply for our PhD program. However, you will be automatically invited to the selection colloquium where all applicants present themselves and their research to the selection committee.

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