Lecture program

The complete guide for selecting courses at the Otto von Guericke University

Every semester, our principal investigators (PI) offer a wide range of lectures to give students the possibility of strengthening their theoretical knowledge. As the students’ background is quite diverse, PhD candidates are encouraged to choose the most relevant lectures related to their specific research projects. Other lectures, not included in the IMPRS curriculum, can be also visited. These decisions should be made in accordance with your supervisor's orientation though.

Students need to achieve 20 credit points (CP) from the lecture program in order to successfully complete the IMPRS curriculum. In case you already attended equivalent lectures during your master or diploma studies, up to 10 CPs can be recognized and accounted for. Of course, you are also always free to attend extra lectures, in case they are of interest to you and your PhD project.

All current lectures provided by the IMPRS can be found on the LSF portal of the Otto von Guericke University.

Courses can also be taken in our partner university in Braunschweig. The offer can be consulted at the online portal of the University of Braunschweig.

Furthermore, all our students are encouraged to have their own teaching activities. This could be either exercises or laboratory courses for bachelor or master students or mini courses for other PhD students. For teaching activities, our students obtain 5 CPs.

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