IMPRS Seminars & Tandem Talks

We do research in a lot of areas at the IMPRS! As we are always searching for new synergies and innovation, we encourage constant scientific exchange between our students.

That is one of the goals of the IMPRS seminars, which take place several times throughout the year. One or two PhD students present recent results of their thesis project!

However, as our research areas are somewhat broad, it is not always an easy task for a student to explain the findings in a clear, comprehensible way to the others. Therefore, we developed the so-called Tandem Lectures: the student is never alone! The supervisor is in charge of introducing the topic in a broader and meaninful way to the audience, before the PhD student picks up and continues the presentation containing more specific parts of their research.

This successful system enables not only exchange and possibilities of new collaborations, but also serves as a training towards an important goal: communicating complex science in accessible language.

After each seminar, an online survey offers an anonymous platform for feedback or any kind of compliment and criticism, contributing to the further development of the speakers.

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