Annual IMPRS Workshop

Time for a big meeting! Once a year during the spring, all IMPRS staff gets together in a scientific retreat for two or three days. These gatherings work like a small conference and are always scheduled out of Magdeburg - somewhere in the federal state of Saxony Anhalt. In order to refresh your minds and prepare you to work, the first day is usually dedicated to tourism!

Following, every student arrives with a talk or poster prepared to present recent results and address current and/or remaining open questions of the PhD projects. We aim to trigger renewed, live scientific discussions!

Furthermore, we invite an external expert of a different field to join us - such as ethics in science, patent law or publishing - to complement the workshop’s program. Whenever possible, we organize excursions to places of interest and industrial sites to offer insights into the commercial application of scientific research.

This annual workshop has also an administrative task. It is used for the own development and improvement of the IMPRS: the IMPRS board gathers, the students’ representatives meet with all the others students in order to discuss the program, current activities, report problems and suggest solutions for the future.

This is also when the two new students’ representatives for the year are elected!

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