Crystallization and separation processes

Major research interests

  • Crystallization as a process for separation and product design
    • Phase equilibria and phase transitions
    • Crystallization kinetics
    • Novel measurement techniques for crystallization analysis and monitoring
    • Innovative concepts of crystallization-based separation
    • Process design
  • Separation and purification of fine chemicals, large scale industrial products and renewable resources
    • Enantiomers, multicomponent mixtures (e. g. plant extracts and mineral salts)
    • Innovative process concepts

Current PhD Students in the IMPRS program

Laura Lamkowski

Laura Lamkowski

PhD Project: Efficient isolation of valuable target molecules from plant-based extracts
Arulselvan Ponnudurai

Arulselvan Ponnudurai

PhD project: Separation strategies for valorization of lignin from wood-based extraction liquors by targeted molecular weight fractionation
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