New IMPRS PhD representatives elected 2022

The new IMPRS PhD Representatives have been elected with a great result

October 24, 2022

The IMPRS PhD representatives are essential to the IMPRS Graduate School. They participate in important decisions and are a crucial element of the program. They ensure that the student's interests are considered and can further can communicate key issues from important meetings to their fellow PhD researchers. This way, a proficient communication structure is established which provides the efficiency of the IMPRS.

All IMPRS researchers were invited to participate in the election of their representatives for the upcoming year. The voter turnout was a bit lower compared to last year with 67 per cent (or 20 out of 30). With an overall majority of 19 and 17 votes out of 20 for each, Zunain Ayaz and Supriya Bhaskaran won the election. Congratulations! 

They will take over from Alberto Alcalá and Adnan Hayat who did a great job during their office. Thank you for your commitment!

Although the PhD representatives are elected as the main spokespersons, all PhD researchers are encouraged to support the new representatives with their ideas and commitment.

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