Prof. Dr. Peter Benner elected spokesperson of the DFG Review Board 3.31 "Mathematics"

Review Board Elections of the German Research Foundation

June 12, 2024

The members of Review Board 3.31. "Mathematics" elected Prof. Dr. Peter Benner, Director and Head of the Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory department, as their spokesperson at their constituent meeting in June 2024.

Prof. Peter Benner was re-elected to DFG Review Board 3.31 Mathematics in the fall of 2023 as part of the DFG Review Board elections. The deputy spokesperson is Professor Dr. Hannah Markwig, Department of Geometry at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. The term of office runs from 2024 to 2028, corresponding to the term of office of the new review board. The review board comprises ten elected members.

“Review board members ensure that the DFG’s funding decisions are made based on research-led standards and in the spirit of curiosity, innovation and the thirst for knowledge,” said the DFG President. “At the same time, the voluntary commitment of review board members is indispensable for the DFG as a funding institution.”, says DFG President Professor Dr. Katja Becker

The review boards’ assessment of proposals submitted to the DFG follow a three-stage procedure consisting of review, evaluation and decision. They compare all the proposals they have been allocated to identify the most eligible projects within the defined financial conditions. This involves evaluation of these proposals according to unified criteria external to the DFG programme. The elected review board members are assigned to a subject area according to the focus of their research activities. A review board is composed of multiple interlinked subject-related research areas and therefore forms an expedient forum for comparative assessment.

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