IMPRS Workshop 2022 in Wernigerode

IMPRS Workshop 2022 in Wernigerode

3 days of scientific exchange and social activities in Wernigerode

September 09, 2022

The workshop took place in the beautiful city of Wernigerode, a town located in the Harz Mountains with lots of interesting gothic buildings. Around 40 doctoral researchers and professors attended the workshop to exchange their developments in their recent research from August 28 - August 30, 2022.

Beyond the scientific exchange, it was possible to attend social activities. The first day started with an excursion to the Baumann`s Cave, one of the oldest show dripstone caves in Germany located in the Harz region. Also, a tour through the charming city center of Wernigerode was conducted on that day. These social activities help to create a better connection among the researchers, which is important for all but especially to the newer researchers.

The second and third days were more focused on the scientific exchange. The IMPRS doctoral researchers gave talks on their current state of research. Additionally, there was given some input on the topic of “entrepreneurship” by the Services for innovation projects held by Dr. Gerald Böhm, and  Max Planck Innovation, held by Sebastian Meyer-Borchert & Dr. Achim E. H. Wolf. During the talks, there was provided some information and first ideas on how to begin and what to think of if the doctoral researchers want to build their own start-up.

Furthermore, the IMPRS doctoral researchers got to visit the Hochschule Harz, where the dean, Prof. Heilmann welcomed them and showed them her laboratory. Moreover, Prof. Schenkendorf showed them around and Prof. Adler gave exciting insights into what billiards has to do with cutting-edge research.

To close off the program of the workshop, in the evenings it was talked about how to further develop the IMPRS program to create new ideas and concepts to optimize the possibilities. Here, the IMPRS doctoral researchers got a chance to have an influence on the program.

After getting some feedback on the workshop already, the IMPRS doctoral researchers especially liked the location, the feedback on their presentations, and the social activities because it was a great possibility to meet up with their colleagues.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop we are very much looking forward to the next one!

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