IMPRS Chess Championship

IMPRS Chess Championship

The first chess championship was a complete success and has a winner. Congratulations!

March 25, 2021

For the first time a very special competition took place this year: the IMPRS Chess Championship.

A total of 10 chess players competed to find out who is the best chess player among them.The championship started in mid-February. The participants played against each other via a chess app.

Each win gave 3 points, if the game ended in a tie the player received one point. The participants played over several rounds.

At the beginning the players were randomly divided into two groups. The first and second winners in each group advanced to the finals. There the remaining four players played against each other until the tournament winner was found.

At the end the points were added up and the winner is:

1st place: Stephan Münzberg

2nd place (same number of points in the final round) is shared by: Rudolph Kok, Marc Hein and Sebastián Espinel Ríos

Congratulations to all winners!

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