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Journal Article (7)

  1. 2017
    Journal Article
    Benner, P.; Yücel, H.: Adaptive Symmetric Interior Penalty Galerkin Method for Boundary Control Problems. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 55 (2), pp. 1101 - 1133 (2017)
  2. 2015
    Journal Article
    Yücel, H.; Benner, P.: Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for State Constrained Optimal Control Problems Governed by Convection Diffusion Equations. Computational Optimization and Applications 62 (1), pp. 291 - 321 (2015)
  3. Journal Article
    Yücel, H.; Stoll, M.; Benner, P.: A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Optimal Control Problems Governed by a System of Convection-Diffusion PDEs with Nonlinear Reaction Terms. Computers and Mathematics with Applications 70 (10), pp. 2414 - 2431 (2015)
  4. 2014
    Journal Article
    Akman, T.; Yücel, H.; Karasözen, B.: A priori error analysis of the upwind symmetric interior penalty Galerkin (SIPG) method for the optimal control problems governed by unsteady convection diffusion equations. Computational Optimization and Applications 57 (3), pp. 703 - 729 (2014)
  5. Journal Article
    Seymen, Z. K.; Yücel, H.; Karasözen, B.: Distributed optimal control of time-dependent diffusion-convection-reaction equations using space-time discretization. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 261, pp. 146 - 157 (2014)
  6. Journal Article
    Yücel, H.; Karasözen, B.: Adaptive Symmetric Interior Penalty Galerkin (SIPG) method for optimal control of convection diffusion equations with control constraints. Optimization 63 (1), pp. 145 - 166 (2014)
  7. 2013
    Journal Article
    Yücel, H.; Stoll, M.; Benner, P.: Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods with Shock-Capturing for Nonlinear Convection Dominated Models. Computers and Chemical Engineering 58, pp. 278 - 287 (2013)

Book Chapter (1)

  1. 2015
    Book Chapter
    Yücel, H.; Benner, P.: Distributed Optimal Control Problems Governed by Coupled Convection Dominated PDEs with Control Constraints. In: Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications - ENUMATH 2013, pp. 469 - 478 (Eds. Abdulle, A.; Deparis, S.; Kressner, D.; Nobile, F.; Picasso, M.). Springer International Publishing, Cham (2015)
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