Mathematics for Business

Lectures will be given by Dr. Martin Stoll (
and  Dr. Sara Grundel (
and will take place in

Tuesdays       7.30 - 9am in room G22A--209
Wednesdays  9.15 - 10.45 am in roomG22A--112 (Classes every other week)

Access to the exams will be given on Friday the 7th of April (9am-11am)  at the MPI Magdeburg. Please contact us in advance if you want to view the exam.

The classes take place on Wednesday every second week starting from the second week of the term.


  • Basics
  • Functions of one variable
  • Differentiation of functions of one variable
  • Integration of functions
  • Basic topics in the mathematics of finance
  • Basic matrix algebra
  • Linear Programming
  • Functions of several variables


  1. Sheet 1  to be discussed on Wednesday the 19th of October 
  2. Sheet 2  to be discussed on Wednesday the 2nd of November
  3. Sheet 3  to be discussed on Wednesday the 16th of November
  4. Sheet 4 to be discussed on Wednesday the 30th of November
  5. Sheet 5 to be discussed on Wednesday the 4th of January
  6. Sheet 6 to be discussed on Wednesday the 18th of January
  7. Sheet 7 (revision) to be discussed on Tuesday/Wednesday the 24th/25th of January

Additional literature:

  • Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis by Knut Sydsaeter and Peter J. Hammond
  • Mathematics of Economics and Business by Frank Werner and Yuri N. Sotskov


  • Dec 13 : Function of several variables, geometric representations and partial derivatives
  • Dec 14: Partial elasticities, chain rule
  • Jan 03: Multivariable Optimization
  • Jan 04: Series 5
  • Jan 10/11: Lagrange method
  • Jan 17: Working with the Lagrange method
  • Jan 18: Series 6
  • Jan 24/25: Series 7 (Review Sheet)
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