Project clusters with Max Planck funding

ANII-MPS Partner Group: Efficient Heterogeneous Computing - Efficient Computational Methods for Numerical Linear Algebra on Heterogeneous Architectures
The project investigates the use of different hardware platforms (traditional multicore processors, ARM processors, graphics cards, etc.) for the efficient implementation of numerical linear algebra (NLA) algorithms.
Funded by: ANII and MPI Magdeburg
Funding period:  2018-2023
Contact: Peter Benner, Pablo Ezzatti (FING Uruguay) more
Max Planck Research Network on big-data-driven material science
In the new initiative of the Max Planck Society and MaxNet on Big-Data-Driven Materials Science (abbreviated BiGmax), ten institutes of the Max Planck Society and Humboldt-Universität Berlin combine their know-how in data-driven material science.
The aim is a better use of the possibilities associated with analyzing large amounts of data.
Funded by: Max Planck Society
Funding period:  2017-2023
Contact: Peter Benner, Matthias Scheffler (FHI Berlin)
Project members: Pawan Goyal, Kirandeep Kour more
Partners: OvGU (FVST, FEIT, FMA, FNW), TU Braunschweig (InES)
Funding period: since 2007
Contact: Peter Benner
Associates: Lihong Feng, Sara Grundel, Sridhar Chellappa, Kirandeep Kour


Project clusters with external funding

MaRDI: Mathematical Research Data Initiative
Partner: MaRDI Consortium
Funded by: DFG
Funding period: 2021-2026
Contact: Peter Benner, Jens Saak, Jan Heiland more
NFDI4Cat - NFDI for Catalysis-Related Sciences
Partner: NFDI4Cat Consortium
Funded by: DFG
Funding period: 10.2020-09.2025
Contact: Peter Benner more
pyMOR - Sustainable Software for Model Order Reduction
Partner: AMM/ZIV WWU Münster
Funded by: DFG
Funding period: 2019-2023
Contact: Jens Saak, Peter Benner more
KONSENS - Consistent Optimization and Stabilization of electrical networks
Partners: TU Chemnitz (Prof. Helmberg, Prof. Streif), TU Ilmenau (Prof. Worthmann)
Funded by: BMBF
Funding period: 2018-2021
Contact: Sara Grundel
Researcher: Tobias Ritschel more
DFG Research Training Group RTG 2297/1  - MathCoRe
Partner: PD Dr. Averkov, Prof. Benner, Prof. Findeisen, Jun.-Prof. Kahle, Prof. Kaibel, Prof. Kirch, Prof. Nill, Prof. Pott, Prof. Sager, Prof. Schwabe
Funded by: DFG
Funding period: since 2017
Contact: Peter Benner, Sebastian Sager (OvGU)
Associates: Sara Grundel, Jan Heiland, Shaima Monem Abdelhafez, Roman Weinhandl, Steffen Werner more
Partners: Fraunhofer SCAI, Fraunhofer ITWM, TU Berlin, TU Darmstadt, HU Berlin, Uni Trier, PSI AG, Venios GmbH
Funded by: BMWi
Funding period: 2016-2021
Contact: Peter Benner, Sara Grundel
Researcher: Neeraj Sarna, Christian Himpe
Mathematical Key Technologies for Evolving Energy

Collaborative Research Cluster Transregio 96: Thermo-energetic Design of Machine Tools
Partners: TU Chemnitz, TU Dresden, RWTH Aachen, Fraunhofer (IWU, IPT)
Funded by: DFG
Funding period: 2011-2023
Contact: Peter Benner, Jens Saak
Norman Lang (2011-2019), Julia Vettermann more

More projects can be found in the team descriptions.

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