Scientific Skills

We are organizing courses on scientific or key skills, like information literacy, scientific writing and presenting etc. Check this page regularly for upcoming events.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT (TIME & SELF)From the PhD-Odyssey to Project ManagementNovember 18-19, 2015 Dr. Sabine Preusse RaumZeit e.K.
Doing a PhD is very much related to a hero’s story. Starting highly motivated with his research topic, the PhD-student soon encounters the first obstacles. Like a hero he will meet someone, a mentor, who will get deeply involved in his training as a researcher. This may be a supervisor or a postdoc. Nevertheless, scientific challenges, technical problems or other aspects will turn out as enemies, threatening the successful and timely completion of the research activities. Very much unexpected, the student will find allies and helpful resources and will finally make progress and publish results. Eventually, with writing the thesis and passing the exam, the future slowly comes into focus. more
Upcoming (2016)Dr. Sabine PreusseRaumZeit e.K.
Teaching is very often an essential part of a career in research. If we remember our times as students, there are teachers who fascinate their students even with a dull topic, and there are others who seem to require a cushion for resting one’s head on during the lecture. Seen from the perspective of the teacher himself, there are easy-going groups of students with whom it is fun to work, and others which make it really hard to get oneself motivated to enter the classroom. However, if we look back at those brilliant lecturers, we will observe that teaching can be a lot of fun even with difficult groups and dull topics. But how do we achieve this? more
Upcoming (2016) Dr. Conor John Fitzsimons Coach & Consultant
Researchers and other academic staff increasingly need to publish some of their work in English. This helps them reach a wider audience and improve their academic standing. Sometimes their level of English leads reviewers to reject the papers or readers to misunderstand or under-appreciate the contents. The result is that their peers misunderstand or under-appreciate the author’s good work. more
Upcoming (2016) Andrea Roos ICCON - International Communication Consultancy
How you present yourself and your hard-won data will be instrumental in the progression of your research career − from lab progress reports and departmental meetings to your PhD defense and international conferences.
The Presenting Professionally Workshop provides the essential tools to optimally design and deliver a range of presentations. more
What are my further career movements? What are my unique abilities and interests critical in determining the right career path for me? Can I combine my ideas about a fulfilled life with a university career? How can I develop a strategy for embarking on an academic career path or other career choices? more
Upcoming (2017) Dr. Sabine Preusse RaumZeit e.K.
Successful grant proposal writing is a fundamental basis to fund a career in research. There are plenty of national and international funding programmes with different funding schemes. Each scheme has its individual context and thematic focus, eligibility and funding rules, submission and evaluation process. Thus, the detailed features and aspects of a successful proposal in one funding scheme are naturally differing from those of a winning proposal in another funding scheme. However, the process of how to work out these details is a common denominator to the different funding schemes. more
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