From the PhD-Odysse to Project Management

From the PhD-Odysse to Project Management

Doing a PhD is very much related to a hero’s story. Starting highly motivated with his research topic, the PhD-student soon encounters the first obstacles. Like a hero he will meet someone, a mentor, who will get deeply involved in his training as a researcher. This may be a supervisor or a postdoc. Nevertheless, scientific challenges, technical problems or other aspects will turn out as enemies, threatening the successful and timely completion of the research activities. Very much unexpected, the student will find allies and helpful resources and will finally make progress and publish results. Eventually, with writing the thesis and passing the exam, the future slowly comes into focus.

Contents and objectives

As part of your personal development during the PhD time, this workshop is built on your individual hero’s stories. Picking up your experiences, we will interactively develop success stories while investigating into important features and methods from successful project management. You will develop solutions to their actual challenges together with a deeper understanding of how a project is run successfully for their later career in academia or industry. Thus skills with respect to planning and organising a project, managing research activities, communicating, controlling and driving the personal development will be trained. Leaving this training with your individual action plan, the trainer will guide you through the first four weeks of implementation.

Results to take home

At the end of the workshop, the participants will have the following results:

  • Methods, tools and examples related to managing a research project;
  • New insights into their own challenges;
  • Skills related to the different activities of project management;
  • Awareness on their own individual needs for good progress in work;
  • An overview on success factors for project management;
  • Action plan for their own PhD-project.


Dr. Sabine Preusse, is a geophysicist and BDVT certified trainer and consultant. She gained her expertise in proposal writing as a project manager and consultant for European funded research projects at the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. In 2011 she set up her company RaumZeit e.K. Coaching Beratung Training. She offers services for researchers and developers considering the entire process from the conception of an idea, the development of a project concept, the implementation of the research or development project up to the commercial launch of the research results.

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