Grant Proposal Writing

Successful grant proposal writing is a fundamental basis to fund a career in research. There are plenty of national and international funding programmes with different funding schemes. Each scheme has its individual context and thematic focus, eligibility and funding rules, submission and evaluation process. Thus, the detailed features and aspects of a successful proposal in one funding scheme are naturally differing from those of a winning proposal in another funding scheme. However, the process of how to work out these details is a common denominator to the different funding schemes.

Contents and objectives

In this workshop we will explore and understand this proposal writing process in detail and train the skills needed for writing a successful grant proposal. The objective is, that researchers obtain an overview on funding opportunities, understand the core aspects of winning grants and know how to adapt the proposal writing process to their funding scheme of choice.

Results to take home

At the end of the workshop, the participants will have the following results:

  • An overview on funding possibilities and helpful sources of information;
  • A list of contact points, websites and phone numbers, which provide support and detailed answers to questions;
  • Commented examples on proposal building blocks;
  • Concise building blocks for different parts of a proposal as text, schemes, sketches, figures etc.


Dr. Sabine Preusse, is a geophysicist and BDVT certified trainer and consultant. She gained her expertise in proposal writing as a project manager and consultant for European funded research projects at the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. In 2011 she set up her company RaumZeit e.K. Coaching Beratung Training. She offers services for researchers and developers considering the entire process from the conception of an idea, the development of a project concept, the implementation of the research or development project up to the commercial launch of the research results.

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