Machine Learning for  Process and Systems Engineering

Machine Learning for
Process and Systems Engineering

September 27 - 29, 2021 in Magdeburg, Germany

Machine learning (ML) methods are currently gaining ground in many areas of research and technology. In our next summer school, we would therefore like to address the question of which issues in process and systems engineering can benefit from advanced ML methods. Besides teaching the mathematical basics, exemplary ML applications are the core of this year's summer school programme.

Every two years, the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS ProEng) organizes a well-received summer school in Magdeburg where our PhD candidates are encoraged to further debate about distinct challenges of  Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering. Oustanding experts are invited  to share their knowledge and competences but also to expand a network with engaged young reasearchers.

The program is composed of lectures and tutorials that enable participants to put all theoretical tools acquired into practice. Furthermore, a cultural and social agenda completes the schedule of three intensive days of research, exchange, reflection and... fun!

Doctoral researchers of the IMPRS ProEng, as well as PhD candidates and advanced master students working on related topics are invited to register and make our summer school a success.

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