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Thesis - PhD (1)

  1. Thesis - PhD
    Kürschner, P.: Efficient Low-Rank Solution of Large-Scale Matrix Equations. Dissertation, 247 pp., Shaker Verlag, Aachen (2016)

Working Paper (5)

  1. Working Paper
    Benner, P.; Bujanović, Z.; Kürschner, P.; Saak, J.: A Numerical Comparison of Solvers for Large-Scale, Continuous-Time Algebraic Riccati Equations. (2018)
  2. Working Paper
    Kürschner, P.; Dolgov, S.; Harris, K. D.; Benner, P.: Greedy Low-Rank Algorithm for Spatial Connectome Regression. (2018)
  3. Working Paper
    Kürschner, P.; Freitag, M. A.: Inexact Methods for the Low Rank Solution to Large Scale Lyapunov Equations. (2018), 31 pages, 4 figures, 2 tables pp.
  4. Working Paper
    Kürschner, P.: Residual Minimizing Shift Parameters for the Low-Rank ADI Iteration. (2018)
  5. Working Paper
    Kuehn, C.; Kürschner, P.: Combined Error Estimates for Local Fluctuations of SPDEs. (2016), 22 pages; preprint pp.
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