Publications of Dirk Benndorf

Poster (23)

Heyer, R.; Muth, T.; Behne, A.; Kohrs, F.; Benndorf, D.; Kausmann, R.; Heiermann, M.; Klocke, M.; Rapp, E.; Reichl, U.: METAPROTEOMEANALYZER: A SOFTWARE TOOL FOR FUNCTIONAL AND TAXONOMIC CHARACTERIZATION OF METAPROTEOME DATA. Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM), Bremen, Germany (2013)
Heyer, R.; Muth, T.; Kohrs, F.; Behne, A.; Benndorf, D.; Martens , L.; Klocke, M.; Rapp, E.; Reichl, U.: Biogas plant metaproteome analysis and biomarker search by using the software MetaProteomeAnalyser. 5th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2013), Leipzig, Germany (2013)
Kluge, S.; Rapp, E.; Benndorf, D.; Genzel, Y.; Scharfenberg, K.; Reichl, U.: Proteomic monitoring along the adaptation of MDCK cells from adherent to suspension growth with respect to influenza virus vaccine production. 23rd ESACT Meeting , Lille, France (2013)
Kluge, S.; Rourou, S.; Vester, D.; Majoul, S.; Benndorf, D.; Genzel, Y.; Rapp, E.; Kallel, H.; Reichl, U.: Exploring virus-host cell interaction on the proteome level: Rabies virus replication in Vero cells. Proteomic Forum 2013, Berlin, Germany (2013)
Kohrs, F.; Magnussen, A.; Benndorf, D.; Heyer, R.; Klocke, M.; Rapp, E.; Reichl, U.: Evaluation of multidimensional separation techniques to increase identification of proteins from anaerobic digesters. Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM), Bremen (Germany) (2013)
Muth, T.; Heyer, R.; Behne, A.; Kohrs, F.; Benndorf, D.; Rapp, E.; Reichl, U.: Meta-Proteome-Analyzer: A software tool specifically developed for the functional and taxonomic characterization of metaproteome data. GCB2012: German conference on bioinformatics, Jena, Germany (2012)
Kluge, S.; Hoffmann, M.; Rapp, E.; Benndorf, D.; Reichl, U.: Proteome analysis of a bacterial mixed culture. Proteomic Forum 2011, Berlin (2011)

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Van Den Bossche, T.; Kunath, B. J.; Schallert, K.; Schäpe, S. S.; Abraham, P. E.; Armengaud, J.; Arntzen, M. Ø.; Bassignani, A.; Benndorf, D.; Fuchs, S. et al.; Giannone, R. J.; Griffin, T. J.; Hagen, L. H.; Halder, R.; Henry, C.; Hettich, R. L.; Heyer, R.; Jagtap, P.; Jehmlich, N.; Jensen, M.; Juste, C.; Kleiner, M.; Langella, O.; Lehmann, T.; Leith, E.; May, P.; Mesuere, B.; Miotello, G.; Peters, S. L.; Pible, O.; Reichl, U.; Renard, B. Y.; Schiebenhoefer, H.; Scryba, A.; Tanca, A.; Trappe, K.; Trezzi, J.-P.; Uzzau, S.; Verschaffelt, P.; von Bergen, M.; Wilmes, P.; Wolf, M.; Martens, L.; Muth, T.: Critical Assessment of Metaproteome Investigation (CAMPI): A Multi-Lab Comparison of Established Workflows. bioRxiv (2021)
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