Systems Biology

Major research interests

Although developed within the Max Planck Institute, my research is being extended to the IMPRS Pro Eng from 2019 on. I am interested in dynamic metabolic engineering using genetic switches for smart process control. 

Real-time regulation of gene expression has a high potential to become a key technology to optimize and control biotechnological processes in-vivo. Here we want to apply this technology to improve the production process of platform chemicals from sustainable resources. Genetic switches and process control strategy are to be designed to vary the expression of selected enzymes in order to optimize product-yields, time-volume yields or product composition online. Application examples are the production of 1,2-Propandiol from glycerol under microaerobic conditions with E. coli or the production of PHAs with E. coli or R. eutropha. The project uses methods of genetic engineering, process design, process control, and online monitoring.

Current PhD students in the IMPRS program

M.Sc. Sebastián Espinel Ríos

M.Sc. Sebastián Espinel Ríos

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