Technical Chemistry

Major research interests

My research revolves around MOF-based hierarchical pore systems for heat pump applications. Thermal batteries using the adsorption process of water onto the inner surface of microporous materials (mainly zeolites) are an alternative to compression heat pumps for heat transfer between different chemical conversion processes. In comparison to the working system zeolite-water featuring a relatively high regeneration temperature, the material class of metal organic frameworks (MOF) in combination with alternative fluids (e.g. methanol) opens the possibility of tailoring heat pump systems. Supported by computer simulations, in this project promising linker modification of common MOFs are to be identified for a desired adsorption behaviour of variable fluids.

For successful realization, a close combination of wet-lab experiments and computer-aided material design of MOFs with desired hierarchical pore systems will be established.

Current PhD Students in the IMPRS Programme

Rana Muhammad Zunain Ayaz

Rana Muhammad Zunain Ayaz

PhD project: Metal organic framework functionalization and design strategies for energy storage and conversion
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