Discrete Optimization

Research Focus

Among the major research topics of the optimization group are

  • the modeling and solution of real live scenarios, e.g., in telecommu­nication, chemical engineering and life sciences;
  • the derivation of structural results related to general discrete sets, e.g., with respect to representability;
  • the development of an algorithmic theory of integer optimization, e.g., for linear and polynomial mixed integer systems.

The institute trains math students, doctoral students and post-docs with various backgrounds. The training of the students is partially supported by industrial sources, the European Union and the German Science Foundation.


Martin Ballerstein

PhD thesis: Convex mixed-integer relaxations for mixed-integer nonconvex optimization problems (Mar. 13, 2013)

Frank Pfeuffer

PhD thesis: Mixed-Integer Programming subject to Uncertainty (Apr. 26, 2012)
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