Regulatory Biology

Prof. Wolfgang Marwan

Major Research Interests

The behavior of a cell in terms of differentiation, growth, and motility is controlled by networks of interacting biomolecules which are robust but nevertheless responsive to all kind of signals coming from outside or originating from the inner life of the cell. The Molecular Network Analysis Group explores new ways to determine the structure of such networks and to understand their function. In order to consider networks of different levels of molecular complexity, we analyze two biological phenomena, one controlled by a small and one by a large molecular network each providing specific challenges to the researcher, and allowing different types of questions to be addressed.

Current PhD students in the IMPRS program

Franziska Hohmann

Franziska Hohmann

PhD project: Formability and resilience of the quasi-potential landscape during cellular reprogramming


Britta Werthmann

PhD thesis: Bestimmung von Signalflüssen zwischen Faktoren der zellulären Differenzierungskontrolle: zeitabhängige Veränderung von Expressionsprofilen auf Einzelzellebene
(Dec. 12, 2017)

Mary-Ann Blätke

PhD thesis:Executable Models of Molecular Networks in Signal Transduction with Petri Nets
(Apr. 26, 2017)

Christian Rohr

PhD thesis: Simulative Analysis of Coloured Extended Stochastic Petri Nets
(Jan. 10, 2017)

Viktoria Rätzel

PhD thesis: Dynamische Fließgleichgewichte und ihre Übergänge in Reaktionsnetzwerken: Experimenteller Nachweis der Quasi-potential-Landschaft der zellulären Reprogrammierung
(Nov. 9, 2015)

Walter Israel Barrantes Bustinza

PhD thesis: The transcriptomic networks controlling the sporulation in Physarum polycephalum
(Mar. 17, 2015)

Pauline Marquardt

PhD thesis: Identification of Bifurcation Points in Cellular Reprogramming and Reverse Engineering of the Regulatory Network for Differential Gene Expression
(Nov. 29, 2018)
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