Bioprocess Engineering

Major research interests

Research of the Bioprocess Engineering Group focuses on mammalian cell culture technology, downstream processing of vaccines and other biologicals as well as mathematical modeling of bioprocesses and cellular systems. Research is closely interlinked with the activities of the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at the OVGU. The current focus is on the following topics:

  • Optimization and scale up of viral-based production processes 
  • Chromatographic methods for the purification of virus particles, viral antigens, and other biologicals
  • Mathematical modeling, monitoring, and control of bioprocesses
  • Mathematical modeling of growth and metabolism of mammalian and microbial cells, dynamics if cellular metabolism, virus-host cell interaction
  • Quantitative analysis of cellular metabolic and regulatory networks
  • Proteomics, characterization of protein structure and glycosylation
  • Glycobiotechnology

Current PhD students in the IMPRS program

Edgar Alberto Alcalá Orozco

Edgar Alberto Alcalá Orozco

PhD project: Process development for the cell-free synthesis and purification of CMP-Neu4Ac, GDP-Fucose and human milk oligosaccharides
João Rodrigues Correia Ramos

João Rodrigues Correia Ramos

PhD project: Modeling the dynamics of growth and central carbon metabolism in mammalian suspension cell culture


Reza Mahour

PhD thesis: Scalable multi-enzyme platforms for the in vitro glycoengineering of therapeutic proteins & synthesis of human milk oligosaccharides
(May 13, 2022)

Felipe Ignacio Tapia Delgado

PhD thesis: Continuous production of cell culture-derived viruses
(Nov. 11, 2019)
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