Francesca Cascella awarded for best poster in international workshop in France

Distinction was obtained at the 25th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC), Rouen

October 19, 2018

Our IMPRS student Francesca Cascella was awarded for the best poster presented during the 25th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC), which happened on September 6-7, 2018 at the University of Rouen, France. The poster was titled "Fundamental Studies for Continuous Preferential Crystallization of Guaifenesin".

Natural of Italy, where she obtained her Master degree in Chemistry at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Francesca has been working on the IMPRS Magdeburg under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern since May 2017.

Her PhD project aims to deliver methods and design rules for continuous preferential crystallization techniques. Thus, the winning poster dealt with the continuous resolution of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) by crystallization. The API studied this time was Guaifenesin, which is largely applied against respiratory diseases. Basically, the goal of her research was to resolve the enantiomers of that API by crystallization in continuous mode - which was successful by using two fluidized bed crystallizers.

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