Prof. Dr. Thomas Richter nominated to the OVGU Numerical Mathematics Application chair

His research brings mathemathical models to closer uses in the medicine

May 03, 2017

Mathematical models are applied to blood flows in humans

Prof. Dr. Thomas Richter has been appointed to the Chair of Numerical Mathematics Applications at the Otto von Guericke University's Faculty of Mathematics. His research focuses on simulation methods of complex streams, for example, blood flows in the human body - bringing mathematics closer to the medicine.

Complex flow-mechanical processes occur in a dialysis treatment, for example. They are the focus of a current project, which is currently being worked on by the newly-appointed scientist in cooperation with TU Dortmund, TU München, Uniklinikum Köln and participating companies. In so-called "fluid-structure interactions", the coupled dynamics between a flow (for instance, air, water, blood ...) and an elastic body (for example, an aircraft, ship or the wall of a blood vessel) are examined. These problems place enormous demands on the researchers, since until now they are hardly understood mathematically, and their simulation is very complex.

More information can be found at his website or the OVGU homepage (in German).

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