PhD SummerNet 2017

Present your research in 5 minutes and improve your network

September 13, 2017

On behalf of PhDnet SIAM chapter, we are happy to invite you to the PhD SummerNet 2017!

Life is too short for long talks. Present your research in not more than 5 minutes and 2 slides to show the world your amazing topic and presentation skills. Your presentation will be judged by the audience, and the best presenters can expect fame and honor as well as an official certificate and fantastic prizes.

The event is on Wednesday, September 13th, at 4pm at the Max Planck Institute. That is a get-together organized by PhD students for PhD students. After the shotgun presentation challenge we will offer beers and food for merely 1€!

Come, show your work and have a fun evening with us. Will you be the 2017 Magdeburg shotgun presentation champion? Write an e-mail to

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