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Journal Article (1)

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    Journal Article
    Schmidt, J. K.; Riedele, C.; Regestein, L.; Rausenberger, J.; Reichl, U.: A novel concept combining experimental and mathematical analysis for the identification of unknown interspecies effects in a mixed culture. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 108 (8), pp. 1900 - 1911 (2011)

Talk (1)

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    Schmidt, J. K.; Riedele, C.; Regestein, L.; Geisler, L.; Reichl, U.: A Medically Relevant Three-Species Mixed Culture in a Chemostat: Mathematical Modelling and Experiments to Study Interaction Effects. European BioPerspectives 2007, Cologne, Germany (2007)

Poster (1)

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    Riedele, C.; Schmidt, J. K.; Regestein, L.; Reichl, U.: Analysis of a Medically Relevant Microbial Community in a Bioreactor. Microbial Community Networks, Wernigerode, Germany (2007)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

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    Thesis - Diploma
    Regestein, L.: Mathematische Modellierung einer drei Spezies Mischkultur im Chemostat. Diploma, 100 pp., Technische Universität, Dresden (2007)
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