Software Development for LC/MS-Based Glycoproteomic Analysis  

The open-source python software suite glyXtoolMS facilitates the semi-automated analysis of N- and O-glycopeptide mass spectrometry fragmentation data. The software adds new ana­lysis tools for the pipeline engine of OpenMS, which was developed for proteomics experiments. These include a filter to discriminate between glycopeptide and peptide spectra, glycopeptide identification via precursor matching to glycan compositions and in-silico generated peptide sequences, fragment ion annotation as well as scoring tools. The analysis results can be visualized within the glyXtoolMS Evaluator, which also enables further manual analysis, inspection and verification. glyXtoolMS is freely available online on licensed under the GPL-3.0 open-source license.


Pioch, M.; Hoffmann, M.; Pralow, A.; Reichl, U.; Rapp, E.: GlyXtoolMS: An Open-Source Pipeline for Semiautomated Analysis of Glycopeptide Mass Spectrometry Data. Analytical Chemistry 90 (20), pp. 11908 - 11916 (2018)
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