Simulation of Energy Systems

Modeling and simulation of fluids in large networks is a challenging problem, especially if the simulation is used to provide solutions to optimal control problems or other optimization questions. Our first goal is to be able to simulate this systems in a stable and efficient manner as truely transient systems, considering in particular the underlying network stucture.

Funded Projects

Partners: Fraunhofer SCAI, Fraunhofer ITWM, TU Berlin, TU Darmstadt, HU Berlin, Uni Trier, PSI AG, Venios GmbH
Funded by: BMWi
Funding period: 2016-2021
Contact: Peter Benner, Sara Grundel
Researcher: Neeraj Sarna, Christian Himpe
Mathematical Key Technologies for Evolving Energy

KONSENS - Consistent Optimization and Stabilization of electrical networks
Partners: TU Chemnitz (Prof. Helmberg, Prof. Streif), TU Ilmenau (Prof. Worthmann)
Funded by: BMBF
Funding period: 2018-2021
Contact: Sara Grundel
Researcher: Tobias Ritschel
P2Chem: New Mixed-Integer Optimization Methods for Efficient Synthesis and Flexible Management from Power-to-Chemicals Processes
Partners: Peter Benner (MPI Magdeburg, OVGU), Sebastian Sager (OVGU), Kai Sundermacher (MPI Magdeburg, OVGU), Martin Stoll (TU Chemnitz)
Industrial partners:  AVACON und BASF
Funded by: BMBF
Contact: Peter Benner, Shaimaa Monem  

Internal Projects

Network Model Order Reduction

Network Model Order Reduction

Researcher: Petar Mlinarić
Switched Systems

Switched Systems

Researcher: Igor Pontes Duff Pereira

Concluded Projects



Partners: CDS
Funded by: EFRE
Funding period: 2016-2018
Contact: Sara Grundel
Researcher: Yue Qiu

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