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Bechtel, S.; Bayer, B.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Wiser, A.; Vogel, H.; Sundmacher, K.: Precise determination of LJ parameters and Eucken correction factors for a more accurate modeling of transport properties in gases. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (accepted)
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Bechtel, S.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Weber, A. Z.; Sundmacher, K.: Model-Based Analysis of the Limiting Mechanisms in the Gas-Phase Oxidation of HCl Employing an Oxygen Depolarized Cathode. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 167, 013537 (2020)
Journal Article
Bechtel, S.; Sorrentino, A.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Weber, A. Z.; Sundmacher, K.: Electrochemical gas phase oxidation of hydrogen chloride to chlorine: Model-based analysis of transport and reaction mechanisms. Electrochimica Acta 324, 134780 (2019)
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