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Zhou, T.; McBride, K.; Linke, S.; Song, Z.; Sundmacher, K.: Computer-aided solvent selection and design for efficient chemical processes. Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 27, pp. 35 - 44 (2020)
Journal Article
Zhou, T.; Song, Z.; Sundmacher, K.: Big Data Creates New Opportunities for Materials Research: A Review on Methods and Applications of Machine Learning for Materials Design. Engineering 5 (6), pp. 1017 - 1026 (2019)
Journal Article
Zhou, T.; Song, Z.; Zheng, X.; Gani, R.; Sundmacher, K.: Optimal Solvent Design for Extractive Distillation Processes: A Multiobjective Optimization-Based Hierarchical Framework. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 58 (15), pp. 5777 - 5786 (2019)
Journal Article
Zhang, X.; Song, Z.; Zhou, T.: Rigorous design of reaction-separation processes using disjunctive programming models. Computers and Chemical Engineering 111, pp. 16 - 26 (2018)
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