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  1. Talk
    Reichl, U.: MDCK Cell derived Influenza Vaccines: Aspects of Modeling and Experimental Design in Upstream Processing. Meeting at Sanof Pasteur, Toronto, Canada (2006)
  2. Talk
    Reichl, U.: Biological Fundamentals, Models and Technologies for Vaccine Production. Perspectives of Research - Identification and Implementation of Research Topics by Organizations : Ringberg-Symposium Mai 2006, Kreuth, Germany (2006)
  3. Talk
    Reichl, U.: Mathematical Models for Mammalian Cell Growth and Virus Replication for an Influenza Vaccine Production Process. Technische Universität Berlin : Meeting, Berlin, Germany (2006)
  4. Talk
    Reichl, U.: MDCK Cell Derived Influenza Vaccines: Aspects of Up- and Downstream Processing. Meeting Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgarien (2006)
  5. Talk
    Ritter, J. B.; Genzel, Y.; Reichl, U.: Monitoring Energy Metabolism: The Challenge of Intracellular Metabolite Analysis of Mammalian Cells in Culture. 1st Max Planck Workshop on "Metabolomics", Magdeburg, Germany (2006)
  6. Talk
    Schulze-Horsel, J.; Bock, A.; Genzel, Y.; Reichl, U.: Mammalian cell culture for influenza vaccine production: physiology during cell growth and virus propagation phase. GVC/DECHEMA-Jahrestagungen 2006 mit 24. DECHEMA-Jahrestagung der Biotechnologen, Wiesbaden, Germany (2006)
  7. Talk
    Wolff, M. W.; Kalbfuss, B.; Opitz, L.; Zimmermann, A.; Lehmann, S.; Reichl, U.: Downstream Process of Influenza Viruses. European BioPharm Scale-Up Congress 2006, Geneva, Switzerland (2006)
  8. Talk
    Wolff, M. W.; Kalbfuss, B.; Lehmann, S.; Morenweiser, R.; Opitz, L.; Zimmermann, A.; Reichl, U.: Downstream Processes and Glycan Characterization of MDCK-Cell Derived Influenza Virus. BioProcess Technology - Asia, Singapore (2006)
  9. Talk
    Genzel, Y.; Schulze-Horsel, J.; Möhler, L.; Sidorenko, Y.; Reichl, U.: Influenza Vaccines: Challenges in Mammalian Cell Culture Technology. 19th ESACT Meeting, Harrogate, UK (2005)
  10. Talk
    Heßeler, J.; Schmidt, J. K.; Reichl, U.; Flockerzi, D.: How to achieve coexistence in the chemostat: a combined mathematical and experimental approach. European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB), Dresden, Germany (2005)
  11. Talk
    Wolff, M.; Kalbfuss, B.; Morenweiser, R.; Zimmermann, A.; Reichl, U.: Chromatography-based Purification of Influenza A Virus for the Production of Human Whole-Virion Vaccines. Viral Vectors and Vaccines Conference, Austin, Texas (2005)
  12. Talk
    Wolff, M. W.; Salaklang, J.; Opitz, L.; Schwarzer, J.; Rapp, E.; Kalbfuss, B.; Reichl, U.: Development of a lectin-affinity chromatography step for the downstream processing of influenza virus vaccines. AICHE Annual Meeting 2005, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (2005)
  13. Talk
    Genzel, Y.; König, S.; Reichl, U.: Amino acid analysis in mammalian cell culture based virus vaccine production processes. IICS : 17th annual International Ion Chromatography Symposium, Trier, Germany (2004)
  14. Talk
    Rapp, E.; Lubda, D.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Reichl, U.; Tallarek, U.: Sheathless ESI-Interface for Coupling Capillary Separation Techniques to Mass Spectromety. 37. Diskussionstagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie, Leipzig, Germany (2004)

Poster (285)

  1. Poster
    Grote, V.; Cornean, A.; Hoffmann, M.; Thumberger, T.; Wittbrodt, J.; Reichl, U.; Rapp, E.: Embryonic Development in CDG Model Organism: Site-specific Glycoproteomic Analysis of O-Mannosylation in Oryzias Latipes. GlycoBioTec 2019, Berlin, Germany (2019)
  2. Poster
    Hoffmann, M.; Pioch, M.; Pralow, A.; Hennig, R.; Kottler, R.; Reichl, U.; Rapp, E.: The Fine Art of Destruction: A Guide to In-Depth Glycoproteomic Analyses - Exploiting the Diagnostic Potential of Fragment Ions. GlycoBioTec 2019, Berlin, Germany (2019)
  3. Poster
    Pralow, A.; Hoffmann, M.; Pioch, M.; Hennig, R.; Nguyen-Khuong, T.; Genzel, Y.; Rapp, E.; Reichl, U.: Comprehensive N-glycosylation analysis of influenza A virus antigens derived from different production cell lines reveal immunogenic glycan epitopes. GlycoBioTec 2019, Berlin, Germany (2019)
  4. Poster
    Zuniga-Banuelos, F.; Hoffmann, M.; Reichl, U.; Rapp, E.: In-Depth N-Glycoproteomic Analysis of Human Blood Plasma Proteins. GlycoBioTec 2019, Berlin, Germany (2019)
  5. Poster
    Benndorf, D.; Heyer, R.; Schallert, K.; Püttker, S.; Kohrs, F.; Theuerl, S.; Schlüter, A.; Reichl, U.: Metaproteomics of biogas plants reveals that biogas producing microbial communities are shaped by syntrophy, competition and phage-host interactions. International Society for Microbial Ecology Conference (ISME), Leipzig Germany (2018)
  6. Poster
    Bissinger, T.; Rodrigues Correia Ramos, J.; Ringeisen, J.; Genzel, Y.; Reichl, U.: Dynamics of intracellular metabolite pools in MDCK suspension cells during cell growth and influenza virus infection. Cell Culture Engineering XVI, Tampa, Florida, USA (2018)
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