Publications of Wei Zhao

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Journal Article
Zhao, W.; Hon, Y.-C.; Stoll, M.: Localized radial basis functions-based pseudo-spectral method (LRBF-PSM) for nonlocal diffusion problems. Computers & Mathematics with Applications 75 (5), pp. 1685 - 1704 (2018)
Journal Article
Zhao, W.; Hon, Y. C.; Stoll, M.: Numerical Simulations of Nonlocal Phase-Field and Hyperbolic Nonlocal Phase-Field Models via Localized Radial Basis Functions-Based Pseudo-Spectral Method (LRBF-PSM). Applied Mathematics and Computation 337, pp. 514 - 534 (2018)
Journal Article
Zhao, W.; Stoll, M.: Stability on interpolation of scattered data via kernels. Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations 25, pp. 45 - 60 (2017)
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