Thesis - Bachelor (7)

  1. 401.
    Werner, S. W. R.: Numerische Berechnung der Eigenwerte großer Hamiltonisch-positiver Matrizen. Bachelor, 79 pp., Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg (2014)
  2. 402.
    Hermann, S.: Simultane iterative Lösung der adjungierten linearen Gleichungssysteme in der dualen Niedrig-Rang ADI Iteration für Lyapunovgleichungen. Bachelor, 48 pp., Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg (2014)
  3. 403.
    Penke, C.: Implementierung der Newton-Iteration zur Berechnung des Signums eines Matrix-Büschels mit Hilfe der MAGMA-Softwarebibliothek. Bachelor, 53 pp., Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg (2014)
  4. 404.
    Baran, B.: Numerisches Lösen großer dünnbesetzter Matrixgleichungen in Python. Bachelor, 62 pp., Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg (2013)
  5. 405.
    Behr, M.: Second Order LQR-Problems in M.E.S.S. Bachelor, 33 pp., Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg (2013)
  6. 406.
    Hund, M.: Adaptive Berechnung der ADI Shiftparameter in der Niedrig-Rang-Galerkin-ADI. Bachelor, 62 pp., Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg (2012)

Working Paper (26)

  1. 407.
    Kungurtsev, V.; Mitchell, T.; Vyhlidal, T.: A Comparison of Nonsmooth, Nonconvex, Constrained Optimization Solvers for the Design of Time-Delay Compensators. (2018)
  2. 408.
    Behr, M.; Benner, P.; Heiland, J.: Solution Formulas for Differential Sylvester and Lyapunov Equations. (2018)
  3. 409.
    Kürschner, P.: Residual Minimizing Shift Parameters for the Low-Rank ADI Iteration. (2018)
  4. 410.
    Benner, P.; Bujanović, Z.; Kürschner, P.; Saak, J.: A Numerical Comparison of Solvers for Large-Scale, Continuous-Time Algebraic Riccati Equations. (2018)
  5. 411.
    Benner, P.; Trautwein, C.: A Stochastic Maximum Principle for Control Problems Constrained by the Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations. (2018)
  6. 412.
    Mena, H.; Pfurtscheller, L.-M.; Stillfjord, T.: GPU Acceleration of Splitting Schemes Applied to Differential Matrix Equations. (2018)
  7. 413.
    Benner, P.; Onwunta, A.; Stoll, M.: On the Existence and Uniqueness of the Solution of a Parabolic Optimal Control Problem with Uncertain Inputs. (2018)
  8. 414.
    Benner, P.; Himpe, C.: Cross-Gramian-Based Dominant Subspaces. (2018)
  9. 415.
    Kürschner, P.; Freitag, M. A.: Inexact Methods for the Low Rank Solution to Large Scale Lyapunov Equations. (2018)
  10. 416.
    Benner, P.; Trautwein, C.: Optimal Distributed and Tangential Boundary Control for the Unsteady Stochastic Stokes Equations. (2018)
  11. 417.
    Kürschner, P.; Dolgov, S.; Harris, K. D.; Benner, P.: Greedy Low-Rank Algorithm for Spatial Connectome Regression. (2018)
  12. 418.
    Benner, P.; Werner, S. W. R.: Hankel-Norm Approximation of Large-Scale Descriptor Systems. (2018)
  13. 419.
    Benner, P.; Lang, N.: Peer Methods for the Solution of Large-Scale Differential Matrix Equations. (2018)
  14. 420.
    Qiu, Y.; Grundel, S.; Stoll, M.; Benner, P.: Efficient Numerical Methods for Gas Network Modeling and Simulation. (2018)
  15. 421.
    Pontes Duff, I.; Grundel, S.; Benner, P.: New Gramians for Linear Switched Systems: Reachability, Observability, and Model Reduction. (2018)
  16. 422.
    Benner, P.; Heinkenschloss, M.; Saak, J.; Weichelt, H. K.: Efficient Solution of Large-Scale Algebraic Riccati Equations Associated with Index-2 DAEs via the Inexact Low-Rank Newton-ADI Method. (2018)
  17. 423.
    Benner, P.; Mitchell, T.: Extended and Improved Criss-Cross Algorithms for Computing the Spectral Value Set Abscissa and Radius. (2017)
  18. 424.
    Behr, M.; Benner, P.; Heiland, J.: Example Setups of Navier-Stokes Equations with Control and Observation: Spatial Discretization and Representation via Linear-quadratic Matrix Coefficients. (2017)
  19. 425.
    Benner, P.; Breiten, T.; Hartmann, C.; Schmidt, B.: Model Reduction of Controlled Fokker-Planck and Liouville-von Neumann Equations. (2017)
  20. 426.
    Benner, P.; Feng, L.; Kweyu, C. M.; Stein, M.: Fast Solution of the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation with nonaffine Parametrized Boundary Conditions Using the Reduced Basis Method. (2017)
  21. 427.
    Benner, P.; Goyal, P. K.: Balanced Truncation Model Order Reduction For Quadratic-Bilinear Control Systems. (2017)
  22. 428.
    Benner, P.; Dolgov, S.; Onwunta, A.; Stoll, M.: Solving Optimal Control Problems governed by Random Navier-Stokes Equations using Low-Rank Methods. (2017)
  23. 429.
    Kuehn, C.; Kürschner, P.: Combined Error Estimates for Local Fluctuations of SPDEs. (2016)
  24. 430.
    Du, X.; Benner, P.: Finite-Frequency Model Order Reduction of Linear Systems via Parameterized Frequency-dependent Balanced Truncation. (2016)
  25. 431.
    Du, X.; Benner, P.: Balanced Truncation of Linear Time-Invariant Systems over Finite-frequency Ranges. (2016)
  26. 432.
    Benner, P.; Liang, X.; Miodragović, S.; Truhar, N.: Relative Perturbation Theory for Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems. (2016)

Report (3)

  1. 433.
    Annual Report 2014 / Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg. (2015), 64 pp.
  2. 434.
    Benner, P.; Mena, H.; Schneider, R.: Drugs, Herbicides, and Numerical Simulation (Snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach, 10). (2014), 9 pp.
  3. 435.
    Annual Report 2013 / Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg. (2014), 64 pp.

Editorial (16)

  1. 436.
    Benner, P.; Faßbender, H.; Grasedyck, L.; Kressner, D.; Meini, B.; Simoncini, V.: 7th Workshop on Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications: Special Issue: 7th Workshop on Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques 25 (6), p. e2223 (2018)
  2. 437.
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  3. 438.
    Ezzatti, P.; Quintana-Ortí, E. S.; Remón , A.; Saak, J.: Power‐Aware Computing. Concurrency and Computation, pp. 1 - 3 (accepted)
  4. 439.
    Benner, P.; Cohen, A.; Ohlberger, M.; Willcox, K.: Preface: Model Reduction and Approximation: Theory and Algorithms. Model Reduction and Approximation: Theory and Algorithms, pp. xix - xx (2017)
  5. 440.
    Benner, P.: Preface: System Reduction for Nanoscale IC Design. System Reduction for Nanoscale IC Design, pp. v - vii (2017)
  6. 441.
    Rozza, G.; Benner, P.; Ohlberger, M.; Patera, A. T.; Urban, K.: Preface: Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems. Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems 17, pp. v - vi (2017)
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  15. 450.
    Benner, P.; Kressner, D.: Preface of the Guest-Editors. GAMM Mitteilungen 36 (1), pp. 6 - 7 (2013)
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