We are glad to announce the following distinguished researchers as speakers for the Max Planck Colloquium 2024

Embracing complexity in renewable resources: A molecular approach to circular economy [more]
Sustainable Mechanochemical Reaction Engineering: from molecular mechanisms to scalable technology [more]
From atom to assemblage: a cross scale journey to a sustainable future [more]
Functional materials and devices for energy, sensing and biomedical applications [more]
Materials and electrolyte design for fast and efficient charge storage [more]
Catalytic Innovations: Unlocking the Potential of Carbon Dioxide Utilization [more]
Order out of chaos: applications, challenges and opportunities of crystallization processes [more]
Framework materials: a dynamic playground for confined water and mechanical sensing [more]
Metal Halide Perovskites – Photovoltaics and Beyond [more]
Homodyne Spectroscopy to Study Dynamic Gas- and Liquid-solid Interface Reactions [more]
Mechano-catalytic depolymerization of plastic waste [more]
Molecular Engineering of Autonomous, Dynamic, Interactive and Adaptive Materials with Biomimetic Design [more]
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