Health Insurance

It is a legal requirement in Germany to have a valid health insurance. The proof of a sufficient medical insurance is one condition you need to provide for the Visa application, at least temporarily. This health insurance should be valid in Germany and cover your travel and at least the first time of your stay. Therefore, please check beforehand whether your national insurance covers also your residence in Germany. Otherwise take out a travel insurance. It might be possible to transfer your health insurance if an insurance agreement between your country and Germany exists or if EU rules apply.

NOTE: You should undergo any necessary prophylactic check-up and have prescribed special medication in your country that you may need regularly before leaving. This is important if you need medications which are not sold in Germany. Consult your pharmacist at home to check this and identify the substances of your medication.
This will help to communicate with German physicians and to ensure that you will get any special medication you may need. 

Shortly after your arrival, you have to ensure that you have a comprehensive health insurance cover during the entire period of your stay.

NOTE: You can join the public health care system if you receive a salary. As a scholarship holder you can join voluntarily but it is usually more expensive than other private insurances. But it might be interesting for people with family (wife and children or pregnant wife) because the insurance premium for a single person is the same as for the whole family.

Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance (“Haftpflichtversicherung”) covers you in case you cause accidental damage to a third party (apart from car accidents for which you need car insurance). This insurance also covers accidental damage which you caused in other households apart from your own (for this you require home insurance – Hausratversicherung”). The personal liability insurance provides cover against a financial ruin in case of claims for compensation by third parties and it is recommended to get such insurance in Germany. This insurance is usually relatively inexpensive and valid world-wide.

The International Office and the administration will be happy to help you with arranging such a contract and answering your questions.

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