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Talk (4)

  1. Talk
    Zhou, T.; Sundmacher, K.: Fast screening and molecular design of solvents for chemical reactions based on COSMO-RS-derived theoretical descriptor. 4th COSMO-RS symposium, Bonn, Germany (2015)

Poster (4)

  1. Poster
    Song, Z.; Zhou, T.; Sundmacher, K.: Systematic method for screening ionic liquids as extraction solvents exemplified by extractive desulfurization process. COSMO-RS Symposium, Cologne, Germany (2018)
  2. Poster
    Zhou, T.; Sundmacher, K.: Robust design of optimal solvents for chemical reactions - a combined experimental and computer-aided strategy. PSE2015 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015)
  3. Poster
    Zhou, T.; Wang, J.; Sundmacher, K.: Computer-aided solvent design for extractive reaction processes. ECCE10+ECAB3+EPIC5 , Nice, France (2015)
  4. Poster
    Zhou, T.; Sundmacher, K.: Integrated Solvent and Process Design Exemplified for a Diels-Alder Reaction. AIChE Annual Meeting, Atlanta, USA (2014)

Thesis - PhD (1)

  1. Thesis - PhD
    Zhou, T.: Systematic Methods for Reaction Solvent Design and Integrated Solvent and Process Design. Dissertation, 134 pp., Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg (2016)
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