Publications of Mariyana Chalakova

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Chalakova, M.; Kaur, R.; Freund, H.; Mahajani, S.; Sundmacher, K.: Innovative Reactive Distillation Process for the Production of MTBE Substitute Isooctane from Isobutene. In: DGMK Tagungsbericht 2007-2, pp. 133 - 137 (Ed. Ernst, S.). DGMK International Conference, Hamburg, Germany, October 10, 2007 - October 12, 2007. (2007)

Talk (2)

Agarwal, V.; Thotla, S.; Kaur, R.; Chalakova, M.; Freund, H.-J.; Sundmacher, K.: Attainable Regions of Reactive Distillation. Indo-German Workshop on Advances in Reaction and Separation Processes, Madras, India (2008)
Katariya, A.; Chalakova, M.; Sundmacher, K.; Mahajani, S.: Nonlinear Dynamics in Reactive Distillation with Multiple Reactions. AIChE Annual Meeting 2007, Salt Lake City, USA (2007)

Poster (1)

Katariya, A.; Chalakova, M.; Freund, H.; Mahajan, S.; Sundmacher, K.: Investigation of Isobutene Dimerization Process in Reactive Distillation Using Rigorous Three-Phase Non-Equilibrium Stage Model. AIChE Annual Meeting 2008, Philadelphia, USA (2008)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Chalakova, M.: Conceptual Design and Analysis of Reactive Distillation Processes for the Production of Isooctane via Indirect Alkylation. Dissertation, docupoint, Barleben (2009)
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