Workshop Series on Power-Aware Computing (PACO)

The growing demand for increasingly more complex simulations in science and techniology stands in clear contrat to the international climate goals. Increasingly larger and more energy-demanding HPC installations in the TOP500 list of fastest supercomputers has been accompanied by a new list (the Green500) reflecting the awareness of rsearchers for this dilemma. The PACO series of workshops is a plattform bringing together researchers from all areas of computing with the joint goals to optimize the energy efficiency of computations. Frequently encountered topisa are :

  • Exploitation of low-power hardware architectures
  • Development of algorithms that facilitate energy savings
  • Tools, libraries and environments for the development of power-aware software
  • Measurement and control of the power consumption
  • High-performance power-aware applications
  • Communication avoiding algorithms
  • High-performance implementations of tensor methods
  • Multi-precision algortihms in numerical linear algebra and related fields

The CSC group and partners have held these workshops on a biannual basis since 2015.

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